Monday, August 15, 2011

Review: NYC IndividualEyes Custom Compact + tutorial

I happened accross this product while at CVS. I was there to pick up some sodas but of course I ended up wandering into the makeup section. What caught my eye about this compact was the fact that it contained a primer. Immediately I wanted to see if it worked so I ended up leaving CVS that day with two bottles of soda and this compact, all for under $8.00 (the compact was $4.99 by itself).

I purchased the one designed for blue eyes. It contained an eyeshadow base/primer, an "illuminator" which is meant to add highlight and "transform any dark shadow into a brand new color," a sponge tip applicator,  and four eyeshadows; a dark grey with blue sparkles, a bright lilac, a shimmery silver, and a light, shimmery lavender. The compact also contains suggestions on how to apply the colors.

When I tried out the colors I found them to be quite pigmented, but when I swatched them over the base and illuminator they didn't seem any different.  

Starting at the top going clockwise: without a primer, overtop the primer, and overtop the illuminator.

The colors applied quite well when packed on, however when blended they lost a lot of their brightness and there was quite a bit of fallout. The primer did not seem to do very much, it didn't really help the colors adhere or blend much better, it prevented some creasing but not all, after a couple hours of wear the colors were creasing some but probably not as badly as if I had gone without a primer entierly. The illuminator , although pretty for a brow or inner corner highlight base was very hard to blend.

I gave the recomended look from the package a try and this is how it turned out:

I was dissapointed with this product because I was really excited about trying it for some reason. Over all I give it a C. Even though the primer was not so great the quality overall was still pretty decent compared to most drugstore products.

I wanted to try out a more dramatic look using this palette, if you are interested check out the tutorial here:

or check it out on my youtube channel:


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