Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bright and Colorful Springtime Flowers look with Evil Shades Cosmetics

Since spring its starting to feel like spring here in Oklahoma I've been inspired to create a fun springtime look that incorporates the bright colors which are projected to be everywhere this season. For this look I used colors by Evil Shades Cosmetics, some that I have had for a little while and some from one of their newer collections. I will also hopefully be doing a review of some Evil Shades products in the near future.  

So let's begin...

  • First begin with a primed eye, either using a primer or concealer and powder.
  • Apply a white base onto the lid so the colors will be even more vibrant, I used NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. 
  • Then use your ring finger or a brush to blend the white base out.
  • Next using a paddle brush apply a bright pink shaddow to the lid. I'm using Evil Shades Panic.

  • Then using a crease brush blend a bright orange into the crease. I'm using Evil Shades CC41 from the Pinup collection. 

  • Now using a smaller crease brush apply a bright yellow into the inner corners and blend a little above the orange to help it fade out. I'm using Evil Shades Sweater Girl from the Pinup collection.

  • I really wanted the yellow in the inner corner to be intense so to enhance and brighten it dip a small stiff brush into a drop of mixing medium or eyedrops. Then dab any excess moisture off the brush and dip into the yellow pigment and add a little more pigment to the inner corners (you don't want to apply it totally wet because this will make it not match the texture of the other colors, using a slightly damp brush will help the pigment adhere better and be brighter without being entirely too bright or wet looking).
  • Next dip the same small, stiff, damp brush (with the yellow wiped off of course) into a bright green pigment, I'm using Evil Shades Sinister, and apply to the lower lashline.

  • Using a flat topped brush apply a white shadow under the brows as a highlight. I'm using NYX White.

  • Then apply a white eyeliner to the waterlines and to all the colors together apply a thin line of black liquid or gel liner with a slight wing and a coat of black mascara
And moving on to the face:
  • I have already applied my foundation as usual. 
  • Contour naturally if desired. 
  • Then use a shimmery, light pink blush. I blended Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in Rose Petal onto the apples of my cheeks.

  • Finally on the lips apply a bright pink-y coral lipstick. I used Bourjois Rose Scandaleux.
  • Since the color was so bright I decided to tone it down with a nude gloss over top
I hope you enjoy this look!

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